Jul 1, 2010

My Obsession

I’ve an obsession towards this activity..what activity?? Currently I do LOVEEEEE buying tudung! People might think this is normal as everyone who puts on tudung will surely buy them. For me I will buy them in a monthly basis. This can be considered quite ok as before this I can buy 2 to 3 pieces of tudung in a month! Sounds normal again rite? Hehe..

Since this type of tudung gets very popular somewhere early 2009, I started to have a try on it. I still don’t know what category or name to be given to this tudung as everyone gives any names to them. But nowadays people called them according to the brands. Huhu! I still remember those days during my university days, I in fact most of the students used to wear tudung bawal. I myself have a collection of bawal but I didn’t go for the expensive one. Yeah, I got one or two which considered as expensive. Hehe! For me RM40 during those days is considered really expensive u know! ;p

Ok, back to my current obsession, I really love buying those tudung (which initially they called it ‘Tudung Ekin’). Hihi ;p As I said earlier, nowadays people go after the brands which I really don’t have any idea on how many brands are there in the market. But for me I personally love Munaw*** tudung. I love the sizing apart from their material and design. It’s perfect! It suits my face really fine. Well, I’m maybe too exaggerating but its how I feel. Hehe! But it’s quite hard to get the printed design as they produced in a small quantity and it’s very limited. But it doesn’t affect my obsession u know. Hehe! I did buy another brand as well which has a lot of printed collection. Thanks to DZ, because of you la I cannot stop from buying tudung as you are also selling them through the net! Haha! And some more the quality of the DZ awning are almost the same with Munaw***. But of course the sizing part is not as perfect as what Munaw*** have. Oh by the way, I never buy from Ari*** or even Ha*** even the designs are some time would drive me insane but it somehow doesn’t trigger the excitement. Hehe!

Oh, when I look over my collection and I got to calculate them back…I can actually buy a Coach handbag! Oh my! Luckily I’m not a fan of branded handbag; if not….there goes my salary!! Hahahaha!

P/S:…how am I going to get rid of this current obsession?? It’s pricey and..and.. I cepat bosan! Hmm…