Jun 16, 2010


1606..of the day u were born..
1606..of the day i know what contraction was..
1606..at 4.09pm only u showed up..
1606..of the day i breastfed u for the first time..
1606..of the day my entire life changed..
and of everyday my love for u is uncountable..

Happy 2nd Birthday my prince Amir!!

May Allah bless u always dearie..mama sentiasa doakan yg terbaik utk Amir..semoga Amir jadi anak yg soleh dan berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat..

Mama n Abah will not practise birthday party as yearly activity utk Amir k sayang as Abah said it's not necessary..the thought that is counted..tp insyaAllah ape yg Amir nak as for present bile besar nnt, Mama n Abah akan tunaikan..Mama saayang Amir! :)

Note: Malam td mama mimpi anak kucing nak tido atas mama..skali bukak mata Amir yg naik atas mama nk tido..alahaii chomel okeh! hihi~


  1. ieta..dah cukup haul 2 thn...when is Amir going to have sibling(s)..ehehe...jgn mare~~ hiks.hiks..

  2. hihi when the exact time comes, then I will ;P insyaAllah