Jun 28, 2009

Penangan Munaww!

Haihh..dont know la wut 'si Munaww' had done to me until me dragged Amir n my sister to buy another hijab..

Ok, i just bought a dark green of 'belah hijab' on Thursday at RM85, n this time around i bought a stripe cotton hijab at RM90..huhu ( n again, i ade simpan hajat lg nih nk rembat lg..haha :P~~)

Pity my dear Amir had to stay in the car with his Maksu while i'm away in Munaww to get my intended hijab.. :D lame pulak tu! tau2 anak dlm kete dh keboringan, dalam kete tu dia dah buat mcm dlm umah..hiks!

till then..

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