Aug 12, 2009

Antara encik GL, kak C and kakak MyVi...

We are thinking of purchasing a new car n of cos a 7 seater car lah kan since dah berfamily nih..hehe We actually not very keen to buy a new car currently cos we normally take a plane whenever wants to go back to kedah..klu nk blk n9, kojap je so my ikan oren dah boleh membantu..hehe but due to some reasons, we need to buy one..

We are currently eyeing on a few cars, which for us are affordable lah, don't want that too pricey..i opt for buying another house rather than beli itu ratusan ribu kete..hehe (i mmg mate fixed asset ok!)

So we have came out with a top three list.. encik GL, kak C and kakak kepada MyVi (which soon to be in the market)..hehe

I sgt into this encik GL tapi if we were to buy this, i have to let go my ikan oren which i syg nak lepaskan..huhu~ tp takleh la nak commit for two cars in a time sbb totalnye dah same mcm bayar bulanan sebuah condo! (see see mate asset me is working..hehe) i told hubby about kak C but hubby said klu beli itu better bli kakak MyVi nih..huhu! Ok, then we decided to wait until raya to see the real kakak MyVi turns out to be..

Hubby dah tgk but it's only a prototype, sure tak same dgn yg real he saw the spec, this kakak MyVi is 5mm bigger than encik GL and 20mm taller than a not bad lah kan? klu jadi beli ini, dpt membantu perkembangan kampeni P2 dan secara tak langsungnye membantu perkembangan ekonomi hubby ku! hehe

Hmm..i still envy encik GL at a first sight!! haha :P~~

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