Feb 7, 2010

Amir dan Ammar..

Amir with Ammar..cute je lagak diorg berdua nih..mula2 jmp malu2, at the end bleh lak main sama2..hehe! And from that day only mama knows that Amir is such a protective boy..jage betul kawan dia from anyone stranger to him..hehe! Ok, Ammar is a son of a good fren of mama..kitorg dah berkawan for the past 15 years and forever lah, insyaAllah..abah pun kawan kpd ayah Ammar n they are working at the same place n they are all at the same age..heh. And now Amir n Ammar pun sebaya..hopefully u both will befriend just like us eh sayang..

Mama saayang Amir n same goes to u Ammar! *kishh*

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