Apr 17, 2010

Kyser Weekend Recap..

Selesai sudah KYSer weekend..it has been wonderful to see the seniors n juniors gathered in the school..in fact cikgu2 pun sgt la excited n jumpe bekas anak murid diorg..deep inside my heart, mmg rase rindu sgt nk blk ke sekolah lame which kt situ tersgt sgt sgt byk memories..hehe syahdu lah pulak :p

Anyway these are a few pictures taken from Jack nye fb..tq Jack for the piccas..

Ni mase mule2 sampai kt lobby kolej..tgk la anak bujangku sgt excited..all this while tanak pakai cap but time ni nak pulak ;p

Haa ni all the mommies..eh dua blum declare mommy lg..yg sorg tu bile ye nak anta walimatulurus?? hihi from L-R: Doctor aida (dr vogue ni..hihi), cik iera, mama amir, atie, jay with baby adelia, syer and suzie..

Suka gmbr ni as everyone are not looking to the camera but the pose is nice!

Ni sume ex-students of KYSM! Nice meeting u guys..eventho tak dpt nk chit chat as we always did during the school time but that little time we had during the event is such a priceless moment! Thanks everyone for being there..

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