Apr 3, 2010

Small Gathering..

L-R: Iera, Syer wif Adam, Mama wif Amir, Hana, Atie

Credit to Syer on the above picture. Attended Adam Rafie's aqiqah on last Sunday at Ampang. Syer is mama's high school fren which we have been knowing each others since 95! In fact those in the picture are my old frens since we were in KYS back in 1995. Now, Amir has another soccer frens, Adam Rafie..hehe! Thanks Syer for inviting us to ur house. The food was great and the goodies are all nice! I like the money in rose, canteks!! Amir as usual la surah Yassin.. ;) Ok, see you guys in KYS shortly for the alumni..and gud luck to u Iera for being the emcee of the day! go Iera! hehe

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