Jul 16, 2009

Flash Back...

This entry should be written back in January but me so lazy to set up a blog..anyway, the memory is still fresh in my mind..huhu!

As abah was sent by P2 to attend 5 months training at Osaka Japan, mama had decided to take the opportunity to bring dear Amir for ur first vacation at Japan. Jauh betul vacation pertama anakku! hehe yala, dah alang2 kan bile lg nak smp sane.. abah's initial plan was to hangkut anak bini dia ke sane and stayed there for that 5 months but due to some reason, abah had to cancel the plan..so abah left for Japan in the middle of Ramadhan 08, leaving mama n his 3mnths baby in Mesia..sobs!

So there we were, on 30/12/08 at 2330 we off to Japan to meet abah. Wah! dalam hati mama sgt berdebar2 ok! yala, that was my first time headed to Japan n some more with my 6 months old Amir..yer only BOTH of us! huhu~ mama had to front carry Amir and also had to back carry a bag, bayangkan! sume org dah mcm kesian je tgk dua beranak ni hahaha.. (dah mcm kena chased out dr negara sendri di kala tgh mlm) what do u aspect while in the plane?? of cos having a baby together without an assistant, it was not possible for me to 'makan2 angin' in the plane..haha amir wasn't comfortable along the way..it was ur first time and u have yet to recover from fever.. I'm sorry for that..yala, takan nk simply cancel the 3.7k ticket tu! wohoo! dlm plane pulak Amir refused to sleep in the bassinet so mama had to craddle u all the way..wah! to breastfeed Amir secara open dlm plane jgn ckp la, Amir nak bergayut je sepanjang2 perjalanan.. So the journey took about 5 n 1/2 hour, menggigil tgn mama hokeh..so about 6am (5am mesia time) we arrived Kansai Airport..again mama berdebar lg sbb the last conversion with abah was during at KLIA where abah told that he will wait for us at the airport (mama forgot to ask where would be the exact place, huhu). After checking out, I don't see abah at all..waa! I dont have abah's contact at that time n the worst part was I don't have any yen in the pocket..rase nak nanges sbb one hour later baru abah sampai..syukran2!! hehe dpt bayangkan keadaan me dgn sorg anak kecik, dgn se-troli travel bags dan tak pandai berbahasa jepun?? tp mama still control cun lg..hihi :P~

Ok, later when abah's arrived, abah brought winter jackets for each of us..so lovely the jacket! tq abah, pandai abah pilih..hehe amir punye pun cantik, kaler putih..when we went out from the airport, wahh sgt sejuk! amir pun start merah2 kt muka..dah mcm anak jopon anak mama nih! hihi..abah told that the temperature was around 10deg..mind u, that was my first time rase winter ok :P~ it was soo refreshing, ape taknye, sejukkan..n ok my first impression was bersihnye negara matahari terbit nih! jatuh chenta mama! hehe.. then we went off to Il Grande Hotel to have some rest..penat hokeh!

We started our jalan2 on 1/1/09..abah actually planned to bring us to Universal Studio to enjoy the new year celebration on the new year nite,but due to Amir's condition, we decided to cancel the activity..abah takut amir demam or batuk2 cos the temperature at Osaka during the nite was about to reach 1deg..kesihatan Amir is our priority..then kite pun jln pi shopping complex in the morning together with abah's fren n a japanese family..amir igt tak abg (the son of this japanese family) tu? hehe..gagah betul kan bdn dia padehal baru 2 thn..hihi! tp kesian kt kite lah kan Amir, abah can read n speak Japanese language while kite mcm buta huruf jek..heheh esp mama laa, Amir ntah2 paham..hihi..so mmg tak tau ape2 arr klu diorg berborak..hihi klu nk pi mane2 pun harap kt abah la, klu harap mama, sesat barat la nmpknye sbb mama rase takde English word pun at most of the places esp kt train station..huhu~ so on the first day at Japan we only had our shopping2 and makan2 with them..owh ya, the uniqueness kt shopping complex kt japan during festive season was that they love to sell the items inside a goodie bag which we don't know what were inside them but the total price of each items inside the goodie bag is equal to the displayed price laa..ala2 present yg berbayar! hehehe

On 2/1/09, abah brought us to an aquarium..ala2 Aquaria laa but bigger n nicer :P~ yala, more fishes in there and paling best ade dolphin yg cute itu and of cos ur favourite pet..PENGUIN!! yes, u did love penguin..hehe sampai2 kt area aquarium tu ade pulak penguin parade..cute tau the penguin,yg kaler kuning putih tu..penguin yg dlm movie Happy Feet tu! Amir kept ur eyes on them without fail! hehe.. then we round2 dlm aquarium tu sampai ptg..keluar drp aquarium tu dah gelap but only 5pm(4pm mesia time) tp the scenery was soo beautiful..lampu2 sume! syok2..then sempat lg kite naik Eyes on Japan..hahha (mama lupe la name benda tu..Giant wheel ape ntah!) lg besar drp yg kt Mesia..(yg kt Mesia tak naik, naik yg kt Japan nye :P~) tp mama tak dpt menghayati la suasana mlm dlm wheel tu tgk bandar Osaka sbb Amir dah mengamuk..huhu baru je Giant tu nk berpusing Amir had switched on ur superb machine! huhu~ maybe Amir dah rase kesejukan..mmg sejuk that nite, jari jemari mama pun rase mcm nak kebas walaupun pakai gloves..

We continued jln2 on 3/1/09..abah asked us to pack all of our things because we wanted to go to Kobe..abah ade surprise rupenye kt situ! :P~ after we sent off our stuffs by courier, we then jln2 round Osaka and cari tmpt mkn..klu tak silap mama kite pi restaurant Pakistan that day..jln2 smbil tolak stroller was really interesting! at Japan, almost every parents used a stroller to carry their kids/babies, it's stroller-friendly! haha yg ajaibnye takde lak baby diorg mengamuk ke or the parents had to carry back the stroller ke..differ from Mesia, why eh?? then we took the train n off to Kyoto..sampai kt Kyoto we jalan2 lg..Kyoto ramai org unlike Osaka..maybe at that time org2 Osaka belum blk frm bercuti lg..kt situ sempat gak la abah amek gambar mama n Amir with a Japanese lady in Kimono..Amir siap tunjuk best lg! hihihi..then we took a taxi n the taxi driver drove us pusing2 Kyoto town..he did bring us to a lagend place, tmpt berhibur zaman2 samurai..huhu~ tp tak lame la kt situ sbb Amir dah mule tunjuk aksi nk blk..hehe abah cpt2 suruh driver taxi bwk ke train station..we then took Shinkansen n off to Kobe..merase mama naik Shinkansen nih :P~ Shinkansen nih adelah train yg sgt laju n hanye berhenti tmtp2 tertentu je.. then dah smp kt Kobe, huhu wut a surprised, abah had book a very very nice hotel for us to stay (ape tak nice nye, satu mlm about 10000yen+!)..it was Hotel Okura which located nearby the sea side, Amir pun sgt suke, serious!! thanks abah..muahs!

The next day which on 4/1/2009, abah brought us to another shopping complex kat Kobe..abah kate kt situ byk branded brg murah2..we took a train to that shopping complex..before that abah brought us to a sushi shop..abah said that the shop had a very delicious sushi..n seriously mmg sodap!! huhu~ mmg tak same dgn kt mesia punye..bile dh kenyang gile baru kitorg smbg jln..mama mmg sgt seronok jln kaki along the road sambil tolak stroller Amir..sbb mmg ramai org jln kaki bwk anak2 diorg..cuaca pun best tmbh2 sejuk pulak..ishh mama sungguh jatuh chenta lah..hihi..sampai at the shopping complex, mama tgk the barang mmg murah (compare to mesia lah)..mmg rase nk grab sume but mama only wanted to buy a purse n a handbag..bile survey2 tak dpt lak cari yg berkenan..abah said that he will find brg2 yg mama nak nnt kt tmpt lain (mama dpt purse kate spade n coach handbag drpd abah..abah punye taste was not that bad)..hihi..last2 mama just bli a nike shirt for maksu sbb Amir dah mule merengek..hehe..Amir mmg tak suke bershopping kan :P~

On 5/1/2009, abah bwk kite ke taman burung pulak..abah kate kt situ ade penguin..Amir kan suke penguin..from Kobe we left for taman burung menaiki train..see, Japan had a very good public transportation service..dia punya train tak pernah lewat, sgt ontime n tak lame pun nk tunggu for each train..kt dlm train tu la Amir jmp sorg awek, Amir control jek..hihi..nnt Amir boleh tgk gmbr tu bile dah besar nnt..smp2 kat taman burung, as usual kena bergambar2 dulu la..hehe pastu baru la discover sume tmpt dlm taman burung tu..taman burung dia pun best sbb bersih n plg best ade nursing room! ishh Japan is very supportive on breastfeeding matter..kt mane2 tmpt kite pi sume ade..even kt aquarium yg kite pegi tu pun ade..tp mama dah expert la bf depan public nih sbb Amir request tak kire tmpt..hihi ape kesah, asalkan aurat still terpelihara kan! ok back to taman burung, Amir sgt enjoy..mcm2 burung ade, tp rasenye mesia nye lg byk kot burung2..tp of cos la yg satu ni mmg takde..iaitu PENGUIN! hihi..kt situ mmg boleh tgk secara dekat n penguin pun bykk n it's open space..bile Amir dh kepenatan n tido, mama layan bunga2 pulak kt situ..cantik2! bile dah abes round taman burung tu, we then went back to the hotel..at nite kite jln2 pulak sekitar hotel tu..sgt sejuk! Amir tahan je..hihi the scenery sgt2 laa cantik..yela dkt dgn laut n all..pastu ade few girls duduk main gitar kt tmn tu (klu tak silap mama name tmpt tu is Marine Park)..bile mama tgk Amir dah tak tahan kesejukan, we then back to the hotel n started to pack all of our stuffs sbb nak blk mesia dah keesokannye..sobs~

Early morning which around 4am, mama rase badan Amir panas..wah!again mama berdebar..sbb only both of us will going back, abah had to stay in Japan for another one month..lepas bg mkn ubat badan Amir ok sket tp still Amir tak mau lepas drpd mama..mama kena peluk je Amir all the way..our flight was on 1130am, we only departed from Kobe at 9am! mama dh takut terlepas flight dah..huhu! tp seriously u can depend on their punctuality..klu kate amek sejam je frm Kobe to Kansai Airport by bus, it's exactly one hour! salute lah huhu~ we arrived at the airport at 10am..after checked in the luggage n all, we had to say bye-bye to abah..(abah tunggu kite kat airport tu until our plane flew..mesti abah rase mcm nk ikut je blk kan??)oww dalam plane mama sgt kuat, ape taknye it took 9 hrs to reach KL!!!!! mama didn't know that the flight will stop at KK to fetch other passangers..luckily there were not many passangers from Kansai thus the stewardess offered us to have a sit on a row of empty seat..but it doesn't help much coz Amir refused to stay away from mama..sepjg 9hrs tu mama had to hold amir in cradle post only + bf-ing amir, pujuk amir bile amir merengek2..amir tak lepas nenen skejap pun! huhu~ about 7+pm(mesia time), we arrived KLIA..atuk n uwan had been waiting for us since 5pm! the first thing uwan said after she hold u was...amir dah tumbuh gigi!!

hmm..no wonder la amir demam before and after coming back from Japan, nak tumbuh gigi rupenye..mama tak tau la syg..hehe

It was a very nice vacation indeed..in fact if I have the opportunity I would to go to Japan again la abah, kan Amir?? (although abah dah jemu :P~)..sbb mama tak smpt nk tgk sakura secara live, hari tu winter so bunge takde..huhu! tp mesti ade assistant coz tak sanggup sorg2 jage anak kecik dlm flight..takde tmpt mengadu wehh! hihi


"Us at Japan"

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