Jan 16, 2010

Update on company's d!nner..

Was held at Sime Darby Convention Center, started sharp at 8pm and ended at around 11pm..the food was ok (i wasn't a Chinese Food fan though ;))..tahun ni bertuah la jgk coz i did win RM100 Isetan voucher..hehe despite getting a long service award 2009..pejam celik 5 thn dah keje kt Komp****..so all n all am getting rm300+rm100 voucher la that nite..hehe alhamdulillah..

The attendees~

Kali ni dinner dihadiri oleh ramai staff including from our branches in Vietnam and Thailand..klu tak silap dlm 300+ jgk compared to the last 2 years dinner..the grand prize for the lucky draw was really great, everyone are crossing their fingers to get a 40" LG LCD panel! hehe..last2 LCD tu dimiliki oleh seorg jejaka dari e-Retail..hihihi..dah la mamat tu pun dpt long service award, pastu dpt lak grand prize kan..it was really his day lah! heh! tp for me also ok la sbb i got the award and also the voucher..tak sia2 la kan tinggalkan kejap my dearie son dgn abah dia..hihi!

The 5 yrs reward ;)

Theme mlm tu pun ok jgk..green theme! Best tgk kiri kanan hijau..heh! Mcm2 gaya tudung and clothes i've seen on that nite..me as usual berminat dgn normal dress and of course my beloved tudung Munaww lah..hehe senang dan selesa..

Anyway the dinner was great n i had a great time with my frens there. Tq la guys for making the day ;)

Mommies minus one heh!

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